Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Art Venture V; an effort to sustain Art in society


The aesthetic sense of a society can easily be judged through its creative individuals and artists. This is a simple reason that governments sponsor creative activities in developed countries. Even though Pakistan is a country in which government does not patronize such activities much, but this responsibility is now being fulfilled by the private sector on its own polishing the talented and calibrated masses of the society.

One such event to bring forth the talent hidden in our people was organized by the Indus Valley School (IVS) of Arts and Architecture, which was named as ‘Art venture V’ by the students of foundation (1st) year at Alliance française de Karachi (French Cultural Center).

At the event, students skilling themselves in various genres of art including drawing, painting, sketching, sculpture making, print making, miniature paintings, module designing, ceramics and crafting displayed their pieces of work.

Meanwhile, the students arranged magic show, music show and stage plays to further demonstrate their out of the box thoughts and skills and to fascinate the visitors.

Narmeen Farooqi, a student of IVS and a singer when asked about the event, told ARY News that the it is all about encouraging the students of foundation year and to depict their built in skills as she has keen interest in singing since her child hood.



Shaheer Khan, another student of IVS and the magician told that the final work pieces of the students are being displayed here to portray their inner expertise in the field of art.

Moreover, the IVS students staged a drama named ‘Kashkol’, the story of which revolved around a beggar’s struggle to keep his brother out of this miserable life.

Art Venture V was such a wonderful event to promote new creative ideas and to spread social awareness about art in Pakistani society, apart from this it also encouraged the students to a great extent for taking out their hidden talents.


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