Tuesday, October 4, 2022

WATCH: 18-year-old couple Asad and Nimra talk about their interests, future plans and more!


“A girl came to me for a selfie and when I looked back, my wife was angry,” Asad, whose wedding received the whole nation’s attention, told Good Morning Pakistan host Nida Yasir on Wednesday.

The couple whose wedding day pictures went viral with people defending them over some trolls’ irresponsible comments on the memories from their big day

Asad and Nimra, both 18-year-old, told GMP host Nida Yasir, that they met at a wedding with Asad saying that he was immediately attracted to Nimra.

“We are family friends and when I came from Muscat (to attend the wedding) I saw her and couldn’t get my eyes off her, she was so attractive,” said Asad.

Asad, whose father works as a civil engineer in Muscat, said that he first contacted Nimra on her Instagram and then they started talking.

“After we became friends (through Instagram), I proposed her and she accepted it,” said Asad.

When asked about his parents’ reaction, he said his mother opposed the idea but it was his father who gave him a go-ahead.

Nimra also said that the couple faced no obstacle as Asad sent a formal proposal through his parents.

Future plans

About their future plans, the couple revealed that they intend to start some business together and may enter the cars business in future once they finish their studies.

Here is the video of the full show



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