Wednesday, August 17, 2022

From ASI to SP, Sindh cop got promotions using ‘fake appointment letter’


KARACHI: In an unprecedented case, a cop Aijaz Tareen fooled the police department for 32 years after starting his journey as an ASI and serving as a Superintendent of Police (SP) until it emerged that he used a fake appointment letter, ARY NEWS reported.   

The revelation came to forth after his service credentials were examined during an appeal for further promotion.

It emerged that Aijaz Tareen got appointed in Islamabad as an assistant sub-inspector (ASI) using a fake appointment letter of 16 August 1989 and got his services transferred to Sindh in 1997, where he was elevated upto the post of the SP in an out-of-turn way.

He got out of turn promotions, served at various police stations and other sensitive posts in the province, besides also meeting top PPP leaders including Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

When out-of-turn promotions were reversed on the court orders, he was posted as SHO at various police stations in the province.

However, the entire matter got busted during an appeal for promotion when the Sindh authorities sought details from Islamabad police regarding his appointment.

At that point, it led to the disclosure that no such appointment had been made in the capital and before getting transferred to the Sindh province in 1997, he acquired another appointment letter- this time a genuine one- from Islamabad police.

The cop Aijaz Tareen has already been terminated from the police department on court orders and the IGP Sindh Mushtaq Mahar has asked the authorities to take back the government weapon and other equipment from his possession.

Aijaz Tareen while commenting on the matter said that he had approached the court against the decision to terminate him.

It emerged that this is not the first time that fake appointments have been made in the Sindh police as two cops previously are blamed for hiring 1200 ghost cops and receiving their salaries.


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