Sunday, June 26, 2022

Asia Cup 2022 might be moved out of crisis-struck Sri Lanka


The Asia Cup 2022 is likely to be moved from Sri Lanka to some other country due to the current political and financial turmoil in the island country.

Sri Lanka is going through the worst economic crisis of its history as commodity prices skyrocket and an emergency is imposed by President Rajapaksha.

According to details, the Asia Cup 2022 has already been postponed twice.

Earleir, the 2022 edition of the Asia Cup was announced to be held in Sri Lanka between August 27 and September 11. The dates and the host were announced after an AGM was held between the member countries.

All five Test teams including Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh were set to feature in the tournament, with one more team to join them after a qualifying tournament which was scheduled to be held from August 20.

However, the decision to change the venue will be made at the quarterly meeting of the International Cricket Council (ICC) scheduled to take place in Dubai on Sunday.

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Chairman Pakitan Cricket Board Ramiz Raja and Chief Executive Faisla Hussain will attend the ICC meeting.

Sri Lanka’s central bank doubled its key interest rates on Friday, raising each by an unprecedented 700 basis points to tame inflation that has soared due to crippling shortages of basic goods driven by a devastating economic crisis.

Street protests have been held nearly non-stop for more than a month, despite a five-day state of emergency and a two-day curfew.


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