Sunday, September 25, 2022

Asim Azhar apologizes to fans


Pakistan’s famed singer Asim Azhar apologizes to fans in a series of Instagram stories on Friday night after the celeb canceled his Lahore concert over the mismanagement issues.

The crowd-favorite celeb Asim Azhar was scheduled to rock the stage at an all-girls concert at Kinnaird College in Lahore on Friday night, however, the event was canceled last minute due to mismanagement issues leading to a stampede at the venue.

A number of witnesses took to the micro-blogging site to narrate their adverse experiences at the event and reported injuries due to the chaotic situation.

One of them complained about ‘being harassed’ at the event, while another Twitterati called out management for selling way more tickets than the capacity, resulting in the incident.

Taking to his Instagram stories later at night, Asim Azhar issued an apology note to all the concert-goers, for the disappointment, while also clarifying his side. The singer mentioned to had been present backstage the whole time but couldn’t perform due to management issues.

He wrote: “There were a lot of people in the crowd getting injured and the venue’s capacity could not hold the number of people that were present. Nothing makes me more sad than not being able to see and perform for you guys, but sadly things are out of our control.”

He added to had asked the management to refund the ticket prices in order to make up for the damage but was denied by them.

Asim shared apologies for things ‘being out of his control’, while he also extended his support to those affected, and asked them to connect on the given email address.


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