Saturday, July 2, 2022

Gul-e-Rana speaks up about ‘daughter-in-law’


Veteran actor Gul-e-Rana said she will not tolerate if her daughter-in-law is disrespectful to others. 

Gul-e-Rana, the mother of singer Asim Azhar, said only the use of abusive language does not show a person is disrespectful but even their smallest act can prove it.

She claimed of telling her son that she would not tolerate such behaviour.  

The Dunk star said she does not think daughters-in-law are made to do housework.

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The actor said that there was a time when people used to call Asim ‘Gul-e-Rana’s son’, but now whenever I reach set, people call me ‘Asim Azhar’s mother’.

The veteran star said a director asked someone to call her Gul-e-Rana as she has her distinct identity but she told him that she likes her new identity as Asim’s mother.

Gul-e-Rana has worked in high profile projects in which her performances have been praised. Her hit projects are Rang Laaga, Cheekh, Aangan, Surkh Chandni and Dunk.

She is currently seen in Pyaar Deewangi Hai.


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