Wednesday, August 10, 2022

ATC grants seven-day remand of blasphemous content suspects


ISLAMABAD: Three people were produced before Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) here on Friday, having a charge of uploading blasphemous content on internet, ARY News reported.

The court granted seven-day remand of the suspects after hearing the case and handed over the accused to Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

FIA in collaboration of Intelligence agencies had arrested two suspects from Karachi in connection with blasphemy allegations.

The suspects were reportedly in contact with people abroad and using foreign SIM cards for uploading sacrilegious content on internet.

Earlier, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had directed immediate blockade of sources spreading blasphemous content by stating that it was hurting sentiments of the entire Muslim Ummah.

Recently, the issue has gained attention of the government. Punjab Assembly had adopted a motion against blasphemous content on social media last week while Islamabad High Court in a recent hearing had suggested a ban on social media over the presence of the the content that hurt sentiments.


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