Sunday, August 14, 2022

Audiences are worried about Maira Khan’s character in ‘Cheekh’


As the battle for justice and the fight taken up by Mannat enters its 12th phase, ARY Digital’s Cheekh gets a new twist.

The play, popular for its riveting story from its first episode, has audiences glued to their screens from its very first episode.

As if the way Nayab was murdered, then how Saba Qamar’s character herself investigated the case and then how Wajih (played by Bilal Abbas Khan) confessed his crime before Mannat was not enough, the audiences saw Wajih accusing Mannat of having an affair with Haya’s (played by Azekha Daniel) former fiance which led to the end of their engagement.

The latest twist, however, caught everyone off guard as Wajih’s elder sister-in-law Shehwar (played by Maira Khan) got to know about his crime.

As Wajih has this habit of mentally torturing Mannat by repeating details of his crime, he finds another chance to do so and confronts Mannat in kitchen.

Just to tease Mannat (who is now being pressed by her husband to withdraw the case and is also facing what one call boycott from other family members) he asked Mannat about her plans for the rape attempt/murder case she had filed against him.

“Aap kb shru krengi case, jab uski haddian gal jaengi, ye ik practical baat ha, uski haddian gal jaengi qk uske dono bazoo to mene torr diye thay,”  (when will you start legal proceedings, when there will be no trace of her (Nayab) body? this is a serious question, for I broke both her arms).

The same was heard by Shehwar who was standing outside kitchen.

As she overheard their conversation, the shock she received had a mug she was holding slip out of her hand prompting Wajih to come out and look at her. This is where the episode ends.

The audiences are now worried about Shehwar’s fate as her husband Yawar (played by Aijaz Aslam) is firmly supporting his brother Wajih and was even forcing Shayan (Mannat’s husband) to divorce Mannat.

“Yaar ab Shehwar ka kya hoga, iska mian to buhat sakht hai” wrote on Youtube user while commenting on the episode.

“Bhai ye Shehwar to gaii, ab Yawar to isko chor bhi sakta hai agr ye arr gai,” wrote a Facebook user on the video of the scene posted by ARY Digital.

Similar concerns were shared on Facebook and Twitter about both Mannat and Shehwar as to what they can do when their family isn’t supporting them.


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