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Glenn McGrath predicts future of ODI cricket


Australia cricket legend Glenn McGrath predicted ODI cricket’s future is glum.

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The former fast-bowler made the statement after the dead rubber third ODI between hosts Australia and England will be played in the near-empty Melbourne Cricket Ground. 

“It was so disappointing to see crowds like that, ODIs are really under the pump at the moment,” Glenn McGrath said in an interview with a foreign news agency. “Melbourne is classed as the sporting capital of Australia, if not the world, they absolutely love their sport. 

“So for them to turn out in the numbers they did speaks volumes about where we’re at.”


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The former pacer said the increasing popularity of T20 and Test cricket is giving strong competition to that the 50-over competition.

He said: “The powers that be really have to watch that they don’t put games on just for the sake of it, games that don’t count for anything. The international schedule is tough enough. I think they have to respect every series and every game, it has to mean something.”

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Glenn McGrath said that the 50-over format is in need of protection. He added, “T20 cricket is always growing, it’s fast, quick and exciting and Test cricket really is the ultimate. I think those two formats will stand the test of time.”

He hoped that the 50-over format continues as he has a lot of great memories of it, adding he would still give the ODI World Cup priority over the T20. 

“But the format is under the pump and we need to look at how we keep people coming to these games,” the legendary cricketer said. 

He represented Australia in 250 international fixtures with 381 wickets and 115 runs to his name.


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