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Monday, September 25, 2023

Omar R Quraishi

28 Pakistanis languishing in Amritsar jail, including 4 prisoners who are deaf & mute

A total of 28 Pakistanis are languishing in jail in the Indian city of Amritsar, according to a reply given in the National Assembly given by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in response to a question by PML-N MNA Khalida Mansoor.

Was Tashfeen Malik radicalized by Al-Huda? Dr Farhat Hashmi says “no”

Reports that alleged San Bernandino Shooter Tashfeen Malik studied at Al-Huda in Multan and that this may have been the place where she was radicalized has prompted the organization to issue a public statement saying that it denounced extremism and could not be held responsible for the "personal acts" of its students.

Abdelhamid Abaaoud aka Abu Umar Al-Baljiki — the alleged mastermind of the Paris attacks

The alleged mastermind of the Paris attacks has been named by the French newspaper Liberation and the Associated Press as Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

Is IS in Pakistan or not? A continuous hide-and-seek game

A report that Lashkar-e-Jhangvi chief Malik Ishaq was all set to become the head of IS (Da'esh) in Pakistan before he was killed in a police encounter on July 29, 2015, has again brought the issue of IS's purported presence in the country in the spotlight.

42 dead in attack at PAF base in Peshawar — includes 13 attackers

PESHAWAR: Heavily-armed militants attacked the Pakistan Air Force base Badaber in Peshawar this morning, killing 29 people, says PAF spokesperson. These included 16 worshippers at a mosque located inside the base camp while three PAF technicians and an army captain were also killed battling with militants. Army soldiers quickly surrounded the attackers, confining them to a small area and killing at least 13 of them, said Pakistan's military spokesman. ARY News reported in the evening that at least one attacker had been caught alive.

Pakistan’s archaeological & historical treasures included in Google culture project

More often than not, Pakistan comes in the news for all the wrong reason: terrorism, violence, suicide attacks by militants and of late a depressingly large paedophile and child abuse scandal.

Celebrating Independence Day — how many of us know?

Most of us celebrate Independence Day, August 14, as if by habit, which is not a bad thing in itself. However, very few actually ask themselves a couple of  rather important questions: "Why are we celebrating Independence Day? And what exactly are we celebrating?" What are we celebrating Independence from in 2015 and how has being an independent state for 68 years impacted the lives of its citizens?

Party positions in the Senate, NA and Sindh Assembly

If the resignations by the MQM in the Senate, National Assembly and Sindh Assembly are eventually accepted and sent to the Election Commission, that would mean bye-elections on dozens of parliamentary seats.

Kasur reveals the ugly truth about child abuse in Pakistan

The shocking child abuse scandal in Kasur unearthed by a brave reporter of The Nation will maybe now jolt us awake so that we can see this monster prevalent in our society.

The life and times of Malik Ishaq

The chief of the dreaded Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) Malik Ishaq has been killed in a police encounter earlier on July 29.