Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Autopsy report suggests Nabiha committed suicide


Nabiha Chaudhry, who hailed from Karachi, had set herself ablaze in an apparent ‘suicide’, however police had registered a murder case against unknown culprits, upon the demand of her family.

Police investigated the case from different angles, but the autopsy report turned down all the notions about a murder or a mishap, it rather suggested that Nabiha sprinkled petrol and set herself ablaze to commit suicide, due to severe mental stress.

The report further read that the incident took place at 4.15 am and the officer died of suffocation. The smoke rising due the fire had affected her liver and lungs.

The autopsy report suggested that no torture marks were found on her body, nor was she given any drugs.

Earlier on October 15, a female CSP officer, Nabiha Chaudhry’s burnt dead body was found from her room at the hostel of Audit and Accounts Training Institute, Lahore.

The deceased officer had passed the Central Superior Services (CSS) exam a year ago and was on training at the Audit and Accounts Training Institute.

Nabiha hailed from Karachi and was enrolled in 41 Common Training Program (CTP).

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