Friday, July 1, 2022

Booked in ‘fraud’ case, actress Ayesha Sana goes into hiding


LAHORE: Actress Ayesha Sana has reportedly gone into hiding after a cheque-bounce case has been registered against her at a Lahore police station, ARY NEWS reported.

According to details, the television actress was blamed for taking away millions of rupees through defrauding public.

The affectess have claimed that Ayesha Sana is on the run for past three days and was not picking up their calls despite repeated attempts. A case has been registered against the actress at Defence-B police station in Lahore on a complaint from a person named Mian Ali Moeen.

The complainant has alleged that Ayesha Sana took Rs 20 million from him and refused to return the money when asked to do so. On continuous insistence, the female actor handed over a cheque of Rs 20 million, which could not be processed due to non-availability of money in her account.

The police have launched a probe into the matter after receiving the complaint.

An investigation officer at Defence-B police station, who is overseeing the entire probe, claimed that Ayesha Sana has gone into hiding after a case was registered against her.

He, however said that she would be arrested soon.

The complainant has claimed that he was not the only affectee as she had handed over fake cheques to other people also. The actress is blamed to have collected Rs 60 million in the name of personal use and customary committees-used to save money.

The complainant has claimed that other affectees were also after her as police seek to arrest the host, whose infamous video of yelling at support staff of a television show went viral previously.


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