Monday, October 3, 2022

Aziz urges MSF to provide medical assistance in Indian-held Kashmir


Aziz highlighted the state of medical emergency that has developed in the region as a result of atrocious brutalities against unarmed and defenseless civilians by Indian forces.

He emphasized the urgent need of eye surgeons, as hundreds of people are suffering from severe eye injuries caused by the use of pellet guns on peaceful protestors.

The Noble-prize winning Medecins Sans Frontieres commonly called as Doctors without Borders is known for its humanitarian projects in conflict regions and developing countries facing endemic diseases.

The restive region has seen massive protests which have resulted in the death of at least 64 people, and the indiscriminate use of pellet guns which have caused severe injuries.

More than 50,000 Indian troops are deployed to quell the escalating tension in the region. The decades-old conflict has also been a major source of contention between India and Pakistan.


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