Monday, January 30, 2023

Baby girl born with 2-inch-long tail


Doctors in Mexico were flabbergasted over the rare case of a baby girl born with a 2-inch long tail.

According to a report, the baby was born through an operation at a rural hospital in Nuevo Leon state of Northeastern Mexico. Her parents were healthy and in their late twenties.

The 5.7-centimeter-long tail was “soft”, “covered in skin and fine hair” and had a “pointy” tip. It varied between 3mm and 5mm in diameter, narrowing towards the “pointy” tip.

Regarding this incident, doctors said, ‘Such cases are rarely seen in medical science.’

The baby was born full-term and there were no complications during pregnancy.
The tail sticking out at the end of her tailbone with its base slightly to the left was quickly spotted by the doctors.
The tail was removed in a minor operation performed when she was two months old. The baby girl was discharged the same day and suffered no complications.


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