Thursday, September 29, 2022

Bachchan family embarrassed of Jaya Bachan’s blunt remark


Jaya Bachchan gave a critical statement lately by calling “Happy New Year” the most nonsensical film. It looks like the scathing comment of the female bachchan has embarrassed not only Abhishek Bachchan but also the entire family.

Sources say that the comment did lot damage to the producer Shah Rukh Khan of HNY, who is hurt by such statement in public. Amitabh Bachachan sent apologies via text to SRK on behalf of his wife to control the damage and later, Abhishek who himself has played a key role in the movie went to SRK’s place with his wife Ashwarya to apologize personally.

Report has it that Shah Rukh Khan did not meet Abishek and Aishwarya.


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