Sunday, May 22, 2022

Balenciaga offers ‘distressed’ sneakers for Rs3.5 Lacs; Internet reacts!


Luxury fashion label Balenciaga’s latest offering ‘a pair of distressed sneakers’ with a whopping price tag has left netizens scratching their heads.

Spanish fashion brand recently introduced a limited edition line of ‘fully distressed’ shoes from their popular ‘Paris Sneakers’ collection, which comes with a hefty price tag, prompting snark from social media users.


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The footwear is currently available for pre-orders, and costs $1850 (roughly equals Rs3.5 lacs), in contrast to the original non-distressed design retailing at $625.

As per the brand, these pairs of shoes have been worn and dirtied on purpose. Balenciaga describes the offering as “a retooled classic design which interprets mid-century athleticism and timeless casual wear in black, white, or red, with a white rubber sole and toe. It is finished with distressed canvas and rough edges, affecting a pre-worn look.”

However, consumers seem to be not ready to buy the idea of ‘fully-destroyed cotton and rubber with ripped fabric’ and are coming up with all sorts of opinions for the offering.

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