Thursday, August 18, 2022

Divers come under attack from furious fish near Bali


The two territorial fish ambushed divers and tried to bite them in the waters off Nusa Penida island near Bali.

Video shows, an angry trigger-fish emerging from the turquoise depths to launch the vicious assault – and even attack the group’s camera. The yellow-headed fish can be seen swimming into the legs of a man wearing a snorkel and flippers.

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Shocked, he turns and heads for the surface and pushes the fish back with his arms.

A second clip shows the fish also baring their teeth at a second diver when he swims into the same area.

Trigger-fish tend to lay their eggs in cone shaped nests tunneled into the sandy seabed, and then defend them vigorously.

They tend to attack divers when they swim into the sandy areas where the fish have built their nests during breeding season, usually between April in May..

Its bite is not poisonous but its razor-sharp teeth are powerful enough to leave a diver needing a few stitches.

The fish grow to around 30 inches in length and can live at depths of up to 170 feet. They are common in the Indo-Pacific ocean.

This clip was filmed on January 22.


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