Balochistan fears losing EU-aid as devolution of power to LG still ‘amiss’

Apathetic of people’s protests and their perennial woes, Election Commission of Pakistan went on with local government polls on May 29 in 32 districts of Balochistan. It left behind Quetta and Makran districts where the polling will take place on a later date. But what is the issue with polls?

Well, it’s done on an age-old 2010 local government act that curtailed all the power and resources from local authorities, emasculating them of the ability to resolve people’s issue. And amendments, to devolve power, resources and funds, ordered by their high court have been long-due and yet are languishing: Mir Shai Haq Baloch, Additional Advocate General Balochistan shares with ARY News.

Politicians, local leaders and people cry foul but that ‘on deaf ears’, and now understand the rubberstamp exercise is just an eyewash to tame people, and waste of millions of rupees and human resources.

Freedom & dissent: Constitutional rights with terms & conditions?

But here’s an issue, if the election are not conducted as per European Union SOPs, which requires them to transfer the authority and budget to grass-roots levels, they will cut the aid for development funds and salaries.