Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Balochistan to inquire on ’30 likely deaths’ by coronavirus


QUETTA: The government of Balochistan has revised its policy with regard to the data of deaths by COVID-19 in the province to include the deaths at homes likely to be caused by the virus, ARY News reported on Saturday.

Provincial health department has initiated a survey to compile data of deaths at hospitals as well as at homes, officials said. According to provincial health authorities around 30 people in the province have likely to be died by coronavirus at homes during past two weeks.

The tally of deaths by novel coronavirus in Balochistan reaches to 76 with addition of 30 likely deaths at homes by the virus, health department said.

The department has constituted an investigation team comprising of deputy commissioners to determine actual cause of death of the people died at homes, health officials said.

Thirty people were died at Fatima Jinnah Hospital and Shaikh Zayed Hospital by coronavirus, provincial health department said.

It is to be mentioned here that Balochistan have confirmed figure of 46 deaths by COVID-19 till now.


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