Sunday, September 19, 2021

FIA nabs robbers shopping from money stolen via bank data fraud


KARACHI: Robbers proficient in bank data fraud and used to shop from the money embezzled through digital means were caught on Friday by the Federal Investigative Authorities (FIA), ARY News reported.

FIA acting upon a formal complaint filed by a citizen undertook action on the criminal activity and successfully apprehended them.

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According to details, the robbers used to buy commodity items from the stolen money and then re-sell it in the local and international markets.

The robbers have been revealed to be tech-savy and undertook transactions on the dark and deep web.

The criminals were also used bank data and the money acquired as a result to buy and sell bitcoins.

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The syndicate is still at-large and other aides and abettors of the systematic operation are still being traced, investigations in the case are still ongoing.

Earlier on December 15, officials of the Federal Investigative Agency (FIA) arrested a passenger included in the intel agency’s blacklisted persons upon his arrival at Multan airport.

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The passenger, who is identified as Asif Raza and blacklisted by the intelligence agency, was arrested after arriving at Multan airport from a Sharjah-Multan flight.

Sources said that Asif Raza was wanted to FIA in many cases. The arrested person was shifted to FIA circular office for further investigation.

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