Monday, June 27, 2022

Man makes Batmobile using Boeing engine


Having a Boeing jet engine at its back and ability to revolve at 360 degrees is what a new batmobile comprises of, built by a man in United States.

Brian Hendler, who hails from Illinois state in US said his car that is named Big Black Car, was a replica of Batman’s car from 1989 Tim Burton film.

“I have made it using a GM body, cutting it and making a frame underneath it,” he was quoted as saying in US media reports.

The car lift itself on a pivot and could spin at 360 degrees, he said claiming that it is the first such car to be built worldwide.

Chicago’s Hendler has been building cars with his father since he was a kid but he took this initiative four years back to build the replica vehicle out of their own parts.

However, he is still not able to bring the car on road as it is not yet street legal and will only be showcasing it during charity fundraising events.


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