Wednesday, August 10, 2022

VIDEO: BBC News anchor’s embarrassing on-air blunder goes viral


A BBC World News anchor has virtually become an object of universal derision after a live on-air incident.

Tom Donkin of BBC World News was caught in an awkward moment when the show went on air. It seems like he didn’t know he was live, and dashed across the frame as the camera did the usual pan across the newsroom to zero-in on an empty frame.

It was only after a few seconds that the anchor walked back into the same frame and took his position in front of the right camera. Even though the error occurred during the 2 am bulletin in the UK, it caught some eyeballs in the US, where the telecast takes place at 9 pm. One of them went on to capture a video clip and uploaded it on Twitter.

The Twitter user, whose handle is @AndyMRoberts, posted the video and wrote: “Wonderful car crash opening to BBC World News just now. Pick a camera, any camera.”

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