Friday, October 7, 2022

MQM terms BBC report “part of campaign to distort its image”


According to details, London and Karachi Raabita Committees of the MQM held a joint meeting on Wednesday evening to ponder over the allegations leveled against it in the BBC report.

In a release issued, the London Raabita Committee stated that MQM is a patriotic political party and it believes in the integrity and stability of Pakistan.

“In the past too, several accusations were leveled against the party including the Jinnah Pur controversy, but all those charges were proven baseless in the years to follow,” said the RC.


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The committee termed the report by a BBC correspondent to be a part of the years-long media trial of the MQM.

“The accusations leveled in the report were all based upon sources within Pakistan, which makes the reality of these charges clear,” the release read. “MQM entirely rejects all these allegations against it.”

“The report is part of a campaign to distort the image of party in Pakistan and in the world as well,” it added.

Moreover, in the wake of the BBC report, the party directed its workers remain peaceful and maintain unity in their ranks.


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