Saturday, August 13, 2022

Ukraine war: Bella Hadid points out West’s double standards


Supermodel Bella Hadid recently took to Instagram to question why wars in Muslim countries are not met with the same level of outrage as compared to the outrage displayed against the war in Ukraine. 

Bella Hadid voiced her opinion about the oppression of Muslim countries while addressing the western media’s outrage over the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Palestinian-American supermodel took to Instagram and spoke up talked about the suppression of Muslims globally.

A post shared by her over Instagram said that “Question yourself, question how quietly you moved around other injustices, the footprint we leave here will be the clearest one we’ve left in a long time.”

Pointing out the bias, she said that “If this is your first time realising a war in some years, you’re not of the world. War is forever, and the position we take during it is forever too.”

“The moment the American president is defending a liberation movement, there’s no risk in joining that defence. There’s little glory in joining a warmonger point at another warmonger,” the 25-year-old model asked people to show support to Muslims.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” her post caption read.


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