Wednesday, June 29, 2022

WATCH: Bengal tiger pulls 1.8 tonnes safari jeep with teeth   


In an incredible incident, a massive Bengal tiger clamped his teeth around the rear bumper of a 1.8 tonnes safari jeep and pulled the vehicle backwards in a national park in India.

According to the details, the incident took place in Bannerghatta National Park near Bangalore, Karnataka. Some visitors were traveling through the national park when the Bengal tiger suddenly came closer to the safari vehicle and clamped his teeth around the back of the jeep.


In the video, the massive Bengal tiger can be seen trying to rip the bumper off the safari jeep before managing to drag the 1.8tonne vehicle back. Even with at least four passengers inside the 1.8tonne vehicle, the tiger managed to pull the vehicle backward.

Opening its mouth wide, the majestic sub-adult tiger can be seen gnawing and pulling at the bumper of the vehicle, digging its paws into the dirt for stability, Mail Online reported.

Four passengers stayed inside the vehicle as the attack waged on with the driver choosing not to drive away in fear of injuring the tiger in the process.


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