Thursday, October 6, 2022

Woman accuses Bilal Saeed of alleged fraud and theft of Rs. 80 million


In light of the viral video showing singer Bilal Saeed embroiled in a fight with a man and a woman, more accusations of fraud and theft have been levelled against the ‘Baari’ singer.

ARY News’ team reached out to the woman attacked, and while she refused to talk about the incident owing to trauma from the assault, her mother came forward to share details.

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“Bilal was a friend of my son and all his fame can be credited to my son,” she said, before diving into more incriminating allegations. “He has tried to rob us before and also engaged in fraud various times under the guise of friendship,” she revealed.

She went on to add, “Him and his brother were also involved in the theft of about Rs. 80.5 million from me. They even have bails canceled from the high court.”

The woman further shared that Bilal has been demanding money from her daughter and when she refused, he allegedly resorted to personal threats. Raza and his wife then went to his wife with police in tow, and that’s when the incident took place.

She also shared that she is planning to file an FIR against Saeed, and that previously, he has used emotional tactics to reel her out from filing one. “He engaged in the same behaviour about 3-4 months back,” she relayed.

There has already been an FIR filed against Saeed for the Rs 80.5 million theft, and he was allegedly  granted bail from high court in the case.


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