Monday, August 8, 2022

Bill Gates waits in line to collect burger, picture goes viral


The world’s top business magnate, Bill Gates, is not just known for being the wealthiest man, but his simplistic personality is also something that makes him distinguished from many of his stature.

He is one of the richest men in the world but is widely known for donating the highest amount given to any charity and that’s what makes him an inspiration. Recently, people got a glimpse of his humble side yet again when he stood in a line outside a takeaway store in the US, and now the photo is going viral.

One of the most powerful men in Silicon Valley, he stood patiently in a line to collect hamburgers and fries and one of his admirers took a photograph and shared it online, showering heaps of praise for the 65-year-old Microsoft founder.

Sharing the picture on Facebook, Mike Galos, a former Microsoft employee, wrote: “When you’re worth about $100,000,000,000, run the largest charity in the history of the world and stand in line for a burger, fries and Coke at Dick’s like the rest of us.” He informed that the picture was taken in Seattle and was initially posted in a Microsoft alumni group, which was then reposted by him.

“THIS is how real rich people behave unlike the gold toilet seat wannabe poser in the White House,” Galos wrote in an indirect attack to Trump, who is currently drawing flak online for the longest government shutdown in the history of United States.


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