Biogas scene: Meet the Pakistani who turns manure into marvels

KARACHI: Arif Mehmood is a Karachiite who has made a living out of biogas plant establishment in the cattle farms across Pakistan.

He says his idea is to contribute his bit to the climate safety by saving millions of gallons of water consumed in the inpouring of manure to the sea, and to protect the marine life that is damaged as a result of it. He puts the fecal waste to good use by making biogas out of it

The advantage? The farmers, milkmen, and others employed in the cattle farms will get free energy source and it can also fuel the generators lighting up the farms: self-sufficiency.

Disadvantage? One has to give up the old ways.

Hear from Mehmood, ex-banker, who has dedicated his life to this venture and who says now people are more and more convinced by the fruits of this investment. He has put up many a plant in Punjab and Sindh and right now he’s staying in Karachi’s Cattle Colony to transform the scenario there.

DISCLAIMER: ARY News does not guarantee the plants are not hazardous. The study and assessment can only tell if the establishment is safe and that it doesn’t pose any risk of explosion or something perilous.

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