Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Black money worth Rs 230 billion being collected yearly from Karachi: DG Rangers


The DG Rangers while briefing the recently held Sindh Apex Committee meeting stated that political parties and seminaries are involved in crimes and extortion receiving, while some important personalities and political figures are also involved in such activities.

“The amount collected from Zakat, Fitr and animal hides is utilized in terrorism activities and to run armed wings of political and religious parties,” Gen Bilal Akbar briefed the meeting. “Money extracted from Karachi docks reaches Lyari gangs, different other armed groups and some high-profile figures of Sindh.”

The report presented to the Sindh Apex Committee mentioned, “A major political party of Karachi is an important patron of these crimes, while other stake-holders also receive their share”.

The amount collected from small markets, vendors, Bachat Bazars, graveyards, schools and canteens tallies to several crore rupees.

Those receiving extortion include members of land mafia, political parties, officials of the City District Government, district administration, construction companies, estate agents and police.

“Most of the above mentioned people are patronized by a major political party of Karachi, while other political leaders and builders are also involved in this trade,” the report added.

In Karachi, extortion is received for a land area stretching on hundreds of acres to a six feet grave, whereas cyber-crimes, match-fixing and money-laundering all is done in an organized manner.

Sindh Rangers told the apex committee, “Extortion is received from large plots of lands to graves, while illegal charged-parking has also become a lucrative business across the megapolis.”

“Plots emerging from land-cutting and China-cutting are a new dimension of crime in the city, while same criminal elements are involved in the smuggling of diesel and petrol from Iran,” the meeting was briefed.

“In order to ensure Rs 230 billion yearly recovery, targeted killings and terrorism activities are carried out in the metropolis. Drugs dealing and match-fixing are also held under the patronage of these mafias.”

Money-laundering and beggar mafia are also operating in the city, while water-tankers and hydrants are also used to deprive the citizens of more and more money.

Moreover, a major part of this collection is used to scare the citizens by forming and taking care of gangs and political militias, added the report.


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