Sunday, August 14, 2022

Blasphemous sketches: JI hosted APC demands for taking up issue in UN


The APC held in Islamabad was attended by the representatives of different political parties, trade unions and other associations. The participants on this occasion said that blasphemy against the Prophets (PBUH) of Allah cannot be tolerated at all.

They said that the publishing of blasphemous sketches in France has greatly hurt the sentiments of the Muslims around the globe.

“It is the responsibility of the Muslim rulers to raise their voice in order to prevent the enemies of Islam from such wicked practices”, said the attendees.

The participants at the meeting praised JI’s role in organizing the APC and vowed their full-fledged participation in the JI-called Shan e Risalat (PBUH) million march in Islamabad on January 23.


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