Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Man’s body discovered five years after his death  


Police claimed to have discovered the rotting corpse of a 55-year-old man who is believed to have died five years ago in the Spanish resort island of Majorca.

According to the details, Bernat Masquida Barcelo ,55, lived alone at his house. His neighbors contacted the police after they did not see him in the area for a long time. Taking action on the report, the police officers reached his house on 22nd of February.

They knocked on the door repeatedly and after hearing no response used a spare key given to them by one of the neighbours.

After entering the property, the officers soon noticed a strong smell before finding Barcelo’s skeletal corpse in a mummified state lying on his sofa with a blanket over him, , Daily Star reported.

As per the report, police officers said that the man lived in filthy conditions and suspected that he had Diogenes syndrome, also known as senile squalor syndrome.

Forensics have yet to confirm the exact time and cause of death, however, a preliminary review suggested the body could have been there for as long as five years, the report said.

Several neighbours told local media that they felt sad that nobody noticed the man was missing for so long until his body was eventually discovered.


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