Saturday, July 2, 2022

Bollywood cold-war: Richa defends celebration around ‘Dhaakad’ failure!


Bollywood’s versatile actor Richa Chadha defends netizens celebrating the failure of Kangana Ranaut’s movie ‘Dhaakad’.

Seems like the latest cold-war of Bollywood beauties is emerging among ‘Panga’ co-stars, Richa Chadha and Kangana Ranaut, as former sides those celebrating the Box Office failure of Ranaut’s latest spy-thriller ‘Dhaakad’.

The apparent beef between the B-Town divas surfaced when an Indian businessman and former contestant of the reality TV show ‘Bigg Boss’, Tehseen Poonawalla spoke up on Twitter, against keyboard warriors trolling Ranaut after her movie tanked the Box Office.

The trolling of #KanganaRanaut for her movie #Dhaakad is extremely unfair,” he noted on the micro-blogging site. “We may agree or disagree with #KanganaRanaut but cannot take away from the fact she is one of the best actors in cinema today and a risk taker.”

A number of Indian journalists and film critics responded to Poonawalla for ‘being extra nice’ to Kangana despite her acting as a ‘bully’. One of the noticeable replies came from Ranaut’s fellow Bollywood actor, Richa Chadha who has worked with the actor earlier.

When one of the journalists confronted Poonawalla for confusing ‘audience rejection’ to ‘trolling’, he replied, “No! The celebration of a movie flopping is not good!”

Jumping into the conversation, the ‘Masaan’ actor wrote, “Aligning with power is easy and has obvious rewards like tax exemptions, awards, special status, security-even literally the Legislature promoting a film! So do you not know that the reverse also holds true Tehseen?”

She also defended the celebration around failure as the expression of ‘dissent’ by the audience.

In his response, Poonawalla disclosed that even though he has not watched the movie yet, the concern is for the ‘movie business’ and not the actor. “No flops should be cheered period because it hurts the industry,” he wrote.

Pointing to the events from 2020, when Kangana was the lead voice during drug controversy in Bollywood and termed the industry ‘gutter’, the actor tweeted: “Very systematically, a narrative was built that the film industry in Mumbai is the den of all vice. People here are murderous etc. Many people participated in this narrative building. Now some others celebrating other ppl’s downfalls is an unfortunate consequence of that.”

In one of her last tweets though, Chadha showed agreement to Poonawalla that celebrations against movie failures should be avoided as it hurts the industry rather than any actor.

It is pertinent to mention that ‘Dhaakad’ had collected a meager total of INR1.65 crore in its four days run, while, many shows of the spy-thriller had been canceled due to failure to bring audiences to theatres.

The failure of ‘Dhaakad’ has added to the growing flop streak of Kangana with nine consecutive disasters to her credit.


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