Thursday, September 29, 2022

Bollywood films should not be banned in our country: Pakistani filmmaker


Pakistan has banned numerous Indian films over the years, sometimes for featuring an anti-Pakistan theme or for containing bold scenes. However, there have been numerous voices from both sides of the border which have called for an end to all types of censorship, mainly films being banned by both countries. Most recently, a Pakistani filmmaker said he wasn’t in favour of Bollywood flicks being banned in Pakistan and said he did not believe in bans.

“I don’t believe in bans at all. I feel all films including Indian ones should be released in Pakistan. As an artist, I don’t support bans,” he said.

Interestingly Khalid Ahmed is also the uncle of Bollywood director Imtiaz Ali. Imtiaz is renowned for his movies Rockstar, Highway and Tamasha. Khaled also said that cultural exchanges between both countries would help improve the process of people-to-people contact and help promote peace.

“I feel such initiatives to will have a far effect in bringing peace between both countries,” he said.

Last year when Saif Ali Khan’s movie Phantom was released, Pakistan banned the movie since it depicted the Islamic Republic as a nation that harbours terrorism. Saif and Phantom director Kabir Khan created quite a stir over the ban.

Do you agree with Khalid Ahmed’s point of view?


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