Friday, October 7, 2022

Bollywood movie posters that were copied!


The posters on this list of Bollywood flicks contain a stark resemblance to their Hollywood counterparts!

Let’s have a look at some interesting posters and their uncanny resemblance to ones that have been used before!

1. Ra One

As can be seen quite clearly, Shahrukh is seen carrying a damsel (Kareena Kapoor, to be specific) whereas another superhero, more famous globally, i.e Batman is carrying a female as well. Both superheroes, both carrying women. Hmm.

2. Ghajini

The resemblance is just too much for one to ignore! Amir Khan, clad in tight fitting clothes, stands in front of a magnified image of his muscular back. The same can be seen in the poster of the super angry Hulk, as Edward Norton looks on in front of the mean green machine!

3. Ugly aur pagli

Need I say more? From the female emasculating the male by lifting him to the same, scared expression on the dude’s faces, we can hardly distinguish between the two!

4. Hiss

The genres might be apart, but Mallika Sherawat’s and Clive Owen’s movies display the same type of posters. Mallika aptly replaces the blade, whilst the red cloth and title placement add to the familiarity of both posters.

5. Murder 3

Sara Loren might be holding a thorny rose with her lips, but hers is also bleeding in the same pattern Megan Fox’s lips bleed on the cover of Jennifer’s Body!

6. Aitraaz

No difference in this psoter I guess. (Except for the apparent Akshay Kumar, Dustin Hoffman replacement). Whilst The Graduate has a cartoonish depiction, AItraaz has a real life picture on the cover. But we see through it!

7.  Rowdy Rathore

Chow Yun-fat and Mira Sorvino stay close whilst the former holds on to a pistol. But wait, we see the same scene repeating in Rowdy Rathore’s poster, with Sonakshi similarly staying close to the Khiladi, whilst Akshay brandishes a pistol in the same fashion!

8. Creature

Bipasha basu and Imran Abbas’s horror flick poster features a single, monstrous eye glaring through a gap. Jeepers Creepers is equally similar, with the same menacing one eye glaring at full strength!

9. Agent Vinod

Saif Ali Khan can be seen flying in the same pose, also brandishing two pistols just like Rowland. Also, the two are dressed sharply!

10. Phoonk 2

I don’t think we even need to state the obvious similarities here! A blatant, deliberate rip-off by Phoonk 2!

Here are some other posters that were allegedly copied

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai






Akele Hum poster copied



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