Sunday, October 2, 2022

Bomb squad finds a ‘purring’ miracle inside suspicious bag


In a surprising incident, the bomb disposal squad of police found a mother cat along with her six kittens inside a suspicious bag spotted outside a church in Ohio.  

According to the details, The Butler County police bomb squad in Ohio got a call to investigate a ‘suspicious package’ outside a church in a town called New Miami in the state.

Armed and equipped, they go to the church and found a black bag on the doorstep. However, when they came close to it, all they heard was the purring.

That was what surprised them. What took them aback was when they saw that the bag contained a mother cat along with her six kittens who were just a day old.

Named ‘Sprinkles’, a note was also found with the bag that stated her name, “Mom’s name is Sprinkles. She began giving birth at 2:00pm, Wed 17th Feb.”

As they were found on the church door in the bitterly cold weather, it is a miracle how the babies managed to survive, Times Now News reported.

“Momma and babies are warm, cozy, and fed at the Animal Friends Shelter,” said a Facebook post shared by the Butler County Sheriff.

Further, they added that the family will be taken care of by a foster family until any other family decides to adopt them forever. Under the County office’s Facebook post, lots of netizens took to thank the bomb squad for rescuing them from the cold and sending them to the shelter.


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