Friday, September 30, 2022

Horrific Video: Bowler hit in the head by 120mph cricket ball      


UTTAR PRADESH: In a horrific incident, a bowler instantly dropped to the ground after being hit by120mph cricket ball in India’s Uttar Pradesh.

According to the details, the incident took place on 3rd of April at VVIP Cricket Academy in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. The video shows a batsman played a straight drive which smashed into the bowler’s head causing him to drop to the ground instantly.


The wicketkeeper and other teammates rushed to the bowler, with many fearing he had died in the accident.

The cricketer was rushed to hospital from the ground but fortunately, he regained consciousness midway through the doctor’s observation.

Meanwhile, rumours quickly circulated claiming that the bowler had died, Mail Online reported

He swiftly released a video confirming that he was still alive, saying he feels “alright except for a bit of dizziness and headache”.

The unnamed sportsman said, “I am not dead, I am alive. The rumours were doing rounds that I died on the spot which is untrue, however, I was unconscious for the time being”

“I am a cricketer and I am hopeful that it will go away soon. I am set to undergo a CT scan. Rest, all is fine.” A local doctor said, “He should consider himself lucky that he had survived the scare.”


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