Thursday, October 6, 2022

Boxer Waseem loses world title shot due to lack of funds


World Boxing Council Silver Flyweight Champion Muhammad Waseem has lost his title shot that he had to fight against Daigo Higa in January and another boxer has replaced the Pakistani pro boxer in the fight.

Andy Kim, Waseem’s South Korean promoter, told ARY News that having a title fight has become impossible for Waseem due to lack of funds and financial support from his home country.

“I have spent all my money on Waseem, I cannot invest anymore in him,” said Any Kim. “Everything is going against Waseem, and in fact, another boxer has now replaced him in the title fight against Higa.”

Andy Kim further told that Muhammad Waseem, who is also known as Falcon Khan, is a top notch pugilist, which is why he invested in him so much without any gain.

“Waseem is a top quality fighter, which is why I supported him. But, he is not in my top priorities anymore,” Kim stated.

He further revealed that he has written a letter to the top officials of Pakistan government to help Waseem, like they did in the past. The funds that were earlier released by Pakistan government were solely spent on boxer’s training.

If Waseem fails to defend his title in the coming days, he can lose his top position in his weight category, moreover, he can be ripped off from his WBC Silver Flyweight Champion.

Earlier, Andy Kim told ARY Sports that he regret signing the boxer everyday as he has not make any profit from it, instead he has invested all his financials that he earned from his distribution business.

“I am paying for everything with the profit I earn from my distribution business but I am really breaking my back doing it,” Kim stated. “I regret every day signing him because it’s been minus all the way.”

Kim said he has high hopes for the boxer who hails from Quetta, and wanted him to be remembered as one of the most respected sports personalities of the world.

“I hope this difficult period won’t last long and he gets his well-deserved rewards, live happily with comfort and honour,” Kim wished for Waseem.


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