Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Teenage boy dies in water filter horror at amusement park


A 13-year-old boy died after being sucked into the water filter system on a rapid-river ride at a popular amusement park in Mexico.

The sorrowful incident occurred at Xenses Park in Playa del Carmen city of Mexico’s Quintana Roo state on March 27.

The bereaved father was reportedly forced to sign an indemnity form protecting the park from legal action before the hospital would agree to release the body of his son, Leonardo Luna Guerrero, 7News reported.

According to the report, the boy was visiting the park with his parents when he was sucked into the water filter system that had reportedly been left open.

teenage boy leonardo luna guerrero water filter horror amusement park mexico

Elizabeth Lugo Monjarras, executive director of operations for Grupo Xcaret, told the newspaper Heraldo De Mexico that staff negligence led to the incident.

She explained that staff failed to place a metal grill over the filter which had been left open while repairs were being carried out.

A statement obtained by Newsflash from the Attorney General’s Office of Quintana Roo said: “An investigation is being carried out to determine the possible acts of negligence committed by personnel that led to the incident.”

The boy’s dad Miguel Luna Calvo, who is a cardiologist, said on social media that his son’s death amounts to negligence on behalf of the park.

teenage boy leonardo luna guerrero water filter horror amusement park mexico

He managed to free his son from the filter with the help of other visitors. However, the boy spent a considerable amount of time below the surface so Miguel gave his son CPR.

He accused the staff of having no idea of how to perform first aid. An ambulance arrived and transferred the young boy to a nearby hospital.

The dad described the treatment his son received in the hospital as inadequate and pleaded with the hospital to have the boy transferred to a better facility in Mexico City.

The doctors allegedly refused his requests and Leonardo died the following day on 28th March.

An autopsy confirmed that the boy died of a pulmonary haemorrhage bought on by the drowning.

Miguel claimed that following his son’s death, the hospital forced him to sign an indemnity form drafted by Grupo Xcaret lawyers before they agreed to release his son’s body.

Elizabeth Lugo Monjarras responded to the subsequent criticism and told Heraldo De Mexico that the park has been fully supportive of the family and are in constant contact with Miguel.

The Attorney General Office is continuing its investigation into the incident.


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