Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Boy pushes pencil down his throat imitating sword-swallowing actors


A seven-year-old boy pushed a seven-inch sharp pencil down his throat while he was trying to mimic the sword-swallowing actors he had seen on television (TV) shows in Henan, China.

According to the details, the boy was doing his homework in the morning when he suddenly remembered watching actors passing swords down their throats on TV and decided to imitate the stunt himself with a pencil.

After pushing the entire pencil down his throat, the child informed his mother about the incident. The horrified parents rushed their son to a hospital where surgeons performed an emergency operation to remove the object from his stomach. The child is said to have recovered after the surgery, Mail Online reported.

Talking to journalists the chief medic of the hospital said, “He was lucky because the pointy side of the pencil is facing upwards. It could possibly puncture his stomach and digestive tract if it was facing downwards.”

“It is the longest foreign object that I have removed since I started working as a doctor over ten years ago” the medic added.

He urged parents to educate their children about the danger of swallowing toys or tools.


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