Friday, July 1, 2022

Boy gets trapped in clay vase while playing at home


A six-year-old boy got trapped in a large clay vase before he was freed by breaking it piece by piece with a hammer by a family member.

The moment was captured by the family members which showed the upset boy struggling to free himself from the narrow neck of the pot after being trapped in it.

It showed the boy’s head is poking out of the top of the large vase at his grandmother’s home in Amazonas, north Brazil, on Tuesday.

boy trapped clay vase home playing video

Relatives were giggling while watching the panicked boy who was calling for his mother for not being able to squeeze him out.

A woman, believed to be his grandmother, is heard joking with the boy: ‘Now you’re going to have to pay a heavy price for my vase, you understand?’

The grandmother was reportedly gifted the vase two years ago by a close friend, with the decorative item thought to have cost around £42 (BRL 300).

boy trapped clay vase home playing video

It is not known how the curious boy got into the vase but he is believed to have been playing at the time.

The rescue woman, thought to be his mother, is seen taking a hammer to the vase and holding her hand inside the vessel to prevent the little boy from being hurt.

After chipping away for around a minute the mother is able to lift the small boy out of the pot, much to his relief.

Thanks to the family’s can-do attitude the boy was released without need for intervention from the emergency services, Dailymail UK reported.

The family live in Amazonas, the largest Brazilian state by area, which is larger than the land areas of Uruguay, Paraguay, and Chile combined.


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