Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Bride takes metro to reach wedding venue, video goes viral


A video of a bride travelling on a metro to reach her wedding venue is going viral on social media.

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Twitter user Forever Bengaluru shared the viral video. It showed her travelling on the train to arrive at the venue for the muhoorat (auspicious time). 

Indian news agency reported that the bride was getting late due to traffic. She ditched her car and took the metro.

The video has thousands of views and counting. There were all sorts of comments.

It is pertinent to mention that brides have arrived at the wedding in an eye-catching manner. 

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A video of a bride arriving at the wedding in a garbage truck went viral on YouTube.

The bride, identified as Hilli Fletcher, was looking to take her husband-to-be Binman Paul by surprise. She transformed the vehicle for the big day.

Binman Paul started crying when Hilli Fletcher arrived at the venue in the vehicle. He initially thought she would come in a Bentley.

A bin boss wore a chauffeur’s tie before getting picked by Hilli Fletcher at her friend’s house to take him to the Register Office in Birmingham city centre.


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