Monday, May 23, 2022

WATCH: Bride angrily throws flowers at groom during marriage ceremony


In a bizarre act, a bride was captured on camera angrily throwing flowers towards a groom during a marriage ceremony as the video went viral on social media.

The video of the entire episode was shared by a user on Instagram and has gone viral since then, garnering a range of comments from netizens.

The video shows a bride walking up to the stage accompanied by her friends, with flowers in her hands to perform a marriage ritual. However, in a twist, a woman could be seen angrily throwing flowers at the groom’s face as if she were slapping him while standing infront of him.

Another man standing beside the groom could be seen removing the flowers from the latter’s face.

The video has garnered different comments from netizens with some of them finding it funny while the other criticizing the attitude of the bride, saying that she should have avoided such an attitude.

Strange incidents happening during the marriage ceremonies have happened previously and in one such incident, the sister of a bride in India was made to marry the groom after the bride collapsed and died in the middle of her wedding ceremony.

The incident occurred in the Indian state of Uttar Pardesh where Surabhi was tying the knot with local resident Manoj Kumar. The bride suffered a heart attack.

But rather than call a halt to proceedings, families of both parties agreed to continue with the wedding ceremony by replacing the bride with her sister, Nisha. Surbhi’s body was kept in a separate room while the festivities took place and she was later cremated.


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