Thursday, August 11, 2022

Watch: British Kitesurfer rides huge 50ft wave on electric surfboard


In a recent video from Portugal, British kitesurfer Tom court was seen tackling a ‘vertical’ 50ft wave in Portugal on an electric ‘flying’ surfboard.


The video shows Tom, riding a 50ft wave on an efoil, off the coast of the Portuguese Town Nazare.

An efoil is an electric surfboard that lets the rider float over the water similar to a magic carpet.

New footage shows Tom Court, a professional kitesurfer from the Isle of Wight, riding an efoil over the waves off the coast of NazaréUnlike a regular surfboard, the efoil has Hydrofoil wing-like blade under it which cuts through the water and uplifts the rider over the water.

Tom Court is a professional kitesurfer and athlete but said the challenge to ride Fliteboard on the steep waves was ‘difficult’

The footage is reportedly recorded earlier this year, in which Tom can be seen riding an Australian made electric surfboard that has a top speed of 25 miles per hour.

The board can be controlled by the rider’s body weight as well as by a handheld Bluetooth remote.

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Tom Court, after coming back to land, said, ‘I feel pretty buzzed after that session I must admit, it was really difficult out there, especially not being used to big waves like that.’

He added that he has ridden a Fliteboard a lot but not in conditions like that so it was quite challenging but after that last session he is buzzing.

Court said riding up the face of a big wave, almost like going uphill, was ‘a really, really strange sensation’ but ‘the board was really impressive’.S


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