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Brothers pay INR8 crore dowry for sister’s wedding


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Four brothers from India made headlines after paying INR8 crore as dowry for their sister’s wedding.

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According to Indian news outlet ETV Bharat, brothers Arjun Ram Meharia, Bhagirath Meharia, Umaid ji Meharia, and Prahlad Meharia funded the wedding of their sister Bhanwari Devi by giving land, gold, silver, cash and vehicles in Rajasthan state.

They gave INR 2.21 crore in cash, lands worth INR5.50 crore, over a kilogram of gold worth INR71 lac, and 14 kilograms of silver costing INR9.8 lac. Moreover, the villagers each got 800 of the remaining coins and a tractor worth INR7 lac.

The siblings gave a scooter along with gifts that were transported to Raidhanu village from Dhingsara village via bullock carts and camels.

Dowry is a common practice in India despite being a criminal act. Thousands of people get arrest and convicted for charging dowries.

Sometimes, weddings also turn chaotic over the matter. Earlier, a video of a bride’s family members beating up the groom’s relatives after being asked dowry worth millions went viral.

A foreign news agency reported that the incident took place in Ghaziabad district in the Uttar Pradesh state.

The report mentioned that the bride’s family had already given INR3 lacs along with a diamond ring costing INR1 lacs in dowry.

The bride’s family was asked to pay an additional sum of INR10 lacs right at the time of the nikkah.

It was a demand that became impossible for them to meet.

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The bridegroom’s father threatened to cancel the wedding provided the amount is not given. The bride’s male relatives tried to reason with them but it was of no avail. The situation got out of hand and they began to assault the bridegroom.

The viral video then sees the wedding guests getting physical as well. The bridegroom’s family relatives managed to escape from the scene.

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