Monday, August 15, 2022

Bureau of Supply launches crackdown against profiteers in Ramadan


KARACHI: The Bureau of Supply and Prices has launched province wide crackdown against profiteers and hoarders of the essential commodities.

In a report, the Bureau of Supply and Prices has said that the bureau monitored 25,000 shops during the month of Ramadan and slapped fines of over seven million rupees to 4,800 profiteers.

“In Karachi division 4.225 million fine imposed over 1100 profiteers, while 1.724 million fine slapped on 1100 shopkeepers for illegal profiteering in Hyderabad division”.

Special Assistant to Sindh Chief Minister on Bureau of Supply and Prices, Dr Khatu Mal Jeewan has said that the traders will not be allowed illegal profiteering in Ramadan. “They will not be given space to earn illegal profit,” Dr. Jeewan added.

In an earlier statement Khatu Mal Jeewan also expressed displeasure over the performance of the special price magistrates and directed that all the officers concerned should take action under ‘The Sindh Essential Commodities Prices Control and Prevention of Profiteering and Hoarding Act 2005’.

He further said in a letter that legal action should be taken against the hoarders to stop illegal increase in the prices.


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