Thursday, August 18, 2022

Burglar caught red-handed while taking nap during robbery


The temptation to sleep under an air conditioner during a burglary cost a robber dearly after police caught him red-handed as he took a nap during the criminal activity.

The incident was reported in East Godavari, a district in the Andhra Pradesh state of India when a 21-year-old man attempted to rob a house.

Narrating the entire episode, the police said that Suri Babu attempted to burgle the house of a petrol pump owner in the district after thoroughly carrying out a reconnaissance of his routine.

He knew that the owner took his daily collection to home before depositing it in the bank and decided to deprive him of the cash during the planned heist.

The robber entered the unlocked house at 4:00 am and barged into the room of the house owner, Satti Venkat Reddy, who was fast asleep. Babu could have easily robbed the house as the amount he wanted to loot was kept openly on the table next to the sleeping pump owner.

However, the story took a twist from here as instead of leaving, he decided to sleep on the job, a mistake that cost him dearly.

“He told us that he was tired and since the air conditioner was also on, he could not resist the sleep,” narrated a local police official Constable Arjun.

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Babu, who thought that he would make away with the loot after a small power nap, decided to sleep under the house owner’s cot. Unfortunately for him, he ended up sleeping for much longer than the house owner.

A startled Reddy heard the snores of Babu, locked him inside the room and alerted the police. “When our colleagues went there, the robber locked himself up in the room. After persuading him for a few minutes, he was detained,” said constable Arjun.

The police said that Babu had debts and working at a sweet stall did not help him in getting out of the financial crisis. However, after a thorough probe, it was found that he was not a professional robber.

He was arrested under charges of attempting to commit a theft.


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