Friday, August 12, 2022

Bushra Ansari wants Pakistanis to take coronavirus pandemic seriously


Veteran Pakistani star Bushra Ansari, who is currently in Canada, has said that won’t return to Pakistan until people take the coronavirus pandemic seriously.

Turning to Instagram, the actor who is staying with her daughter in Toronto shared a video message for her fans and admitted she misses Pakistan.

“I can’t help but miss Pakistan. And I can’t return because you all are roaming the bazaars,” said Bushra.

“You all are not understanding. You’re treating this as fake or a joke and because of that, it’s spread so much and we are stuck here wondering when and how to return. We’re scared, people are telling us not to go back. I can’t return because of you.”

She requested people to “stop this spread, save lives” by staying at home.

The comedian earlier shared that she travelled to Toronto for charity events when Covid-19 had started expanding.

“I’ve been staying with my elder daughter here ever since. She wanted me to take a break although I was in a hurry to return home,” she said.


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