Monday, October 3, 2022

Buyer finds $130,000 cash tapped to bottom of used fridge


A man has found $130,000 cash taped to the bottom of a used fridge after purchasing it online, leading to a police probe in South Korea.

After discovering the huge amount of money, the man registered a police report on August 6 in which he stated that he found the cash stash taped to the bottom when he started cleaning the fridge.

Jeju Island police investigators said that they started a probe to identify to online seller of the refrigerator besides contacting those who had done its transportation and delivery.

South Korea’s Lost and Found Act states the cash will become the property of the man who bought the fridge if the rightful owner can’t be tracked down. The money will become the property of the state if it is found to have been involved in a crime.

A 2016 report in The Korea Times documented the trend of people keeping their money stored in kimchi fridges amid record low bank interest rates in South Korea. The report said an average kimchi fridge can hold up to $895,200 cash.


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