Sunday, June 26, 2022

CAA launches drive to restrict bird activity at Karachi Airport


KARACHI: Jinnah International Airport authorities here have launched an operation to restrict bird activity at the airport, ARY News reported on Friday.

Concerned staff has initiated a drive on the directives of the airport’s chief operating officer to limit the bird movement in the area, an official said.

The bird shooters have hunted more than 25 birds on the runway, the airport manager said.

Garbage dumps in the areas adjacent to the airport attracts increasing movement of birds in the vicinity of the airport.

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has launched a public awareness campaign on Eid ul Azha to avoid piling of garbage.

Carcasses and remains of sacrificial animals dumped near airports attract a large number of birds, making them a potential hazard to air-traffic, airport manager said.

The official advised the people to pack the animal offal and leftovers in garbage bags and dispose off them at the designated places.

The bird shooters are routinely deployed by the CAA to target the birds that may cause hindrance at airports routine activity.

The aviation authority use routine measures including bird shooters, pressure horns, acoustic guns, fire crackers, scarecrows, patrolling vehicles to limit the bird activity in the vicinity of airports.

According to reports the CAA now mulling on getting advanced sonic machines for controlling the bird movement.


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