Saturday, July 2, 2022

Campaign to create awareness about the Constitution of Pakistan launches in Lahore ahead of Elections 2018


Lahore: With elections just around the corner a businessman in Lahore has started a social media campaign named “Guardians Pakistan” aimed at creating awareness among the people of Pakistan of their rights and obligations given to them by the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. 

Speaking to ARY News, Waseem Afzal, the Founder of Guardians Pakistan urged youngsters to guard the constitution of their country saying, “The constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the best document in this world. It can show us way even in the darkest of our times. So if our constitution is so beautiful and can show us ways the what happened that we departed from it and lost our way?” He further added, ““Through this awareness, a people’s voice is going to be created. When people will know their right, they are going to demand it.”

However, constitution is not just one way. Waseem added that our constitution is a two-way contract where citizens have to fulfill some obligations and the government has to provide some rights, “Constitution is a social contract between people and the government. This cannot happen that we ask one party to fulfill all its obligations and the other party does not provide any rights”

The social media managers of Guardian Pakistan say that this is not a project they are working on but a movement. It is a cause which can prove to be very beneficial for Pakistan in the long run.

“We are not taking this as a project, we are taking this as a cause.”

Usman Ahzaz Mufti (CEO Hectacon)

“With Guardians, we are working towards the betterment of Pakistan.”

Shahzaib Chand (Art Director Hectacon)

The Head of Marketing and PR, Hameez Ahmed added, “People think it is a book for lawyers and judges which is not the case at all. This is the book of the people.”

“Under the constitution education, health, housing, food, transport, and security of the people need to be catered to. For change to begin, rights needs to known and demanded. For Pakistan to move forward, its constitution needs to be respected,” Waseem concluded.



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